Sweet Rice Dumplings: The Must-eat Treat for Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday that falls on the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. On the day, family members gather together, solve riddles on paper lanterns and enjoy sweet dumplings.

The little rice dumplings (or balls) generally have sweet fillings, such as red bean paste, sesame paste, or peanut butter. But do you know there are two kinds of sweet dumplings in China? Yuanxiao in the north and Tangyuan in the south.

The main difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan is the way they’re made. Yuanxiao, primarily enjoyed in northern parts of China, are created by dipping frozen fillings in water and then rolling them in rice flour.

The process of dipping the balls in water and then rolling them in rice flour is repeated until the treats are the perfect shape.

On the other hand, the process of making Tangyuan is more similar to a regular dumpling. You make the wrappers separately and then wrap the fillings inside.

Instead of just boiling them in water, many adventurous young Chinese people also fry them. The results are equally delicious (and oh-so-crunchy!).

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