What to Know About Wong Kar-Wais New TV Series Blossoms Shanghai

Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai, a household name among cinephiles, is producing his first TV series, titled Blossoms Shanghai. Starring Hu Ge, among other high-profile stars, the TV series will stream exclusively on the Chinese platform Tencent Video.

An adaptation of the award-winning book Blossoms by Shanghainese novelist Jin Yucheng, the TV show will reportedly see a mix of Mandarin and the Shanghainese dialect.

It has been almost a decade since Wong directed The Grandmaster (2013). 

Fun fact: While Wong is oft associated with the Hong Kong film industry, he was born in Shanghai and often alludes to the city in his works.

The second trailer for Blossoms Shanghai has been well-received on Chinese social media so far, whereas its first was divisive. Click the icon below to find out why.