The 5 Weirdest Pizza Toppings from China

Innovative or pure madness?

First spotted in Taiwan in 2019, the infamous bubble tea pizza was introduced by two major pizza chains: Pizza Hut and Domino.


Bubble Tea Pizza

Created using big data to pinpoint the most popular toppings, this pizza was launched by Pizza Hut Taiwan in 2021. Where did the algorithm go wrong?


Pork Blood, Century Egg Pizza

Recently introduced by Pizza Hut Hong Kong, this pizza is a must for those who love caramelized fruit.


Orange, Honey, Blue Cheese Pizza

The epitome of food globalization, this bizarre pizza first surfaced at a few local pizzerias in Taiwan in 2020 and sometimes sees the addition of duck blood.


Stinky Tofu Pizza

Few foods are as polarizing as durian, a pungent tropical fruit. Popular in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, durian pizza is for those who believe stinky delicacies are also the tastiest.


Durian  Pizza

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