Twitter Account Shares Amazing Photos of Vintage Shanghai

The Twitter account  Vintage Shanghai is creating a digital archive of Shanghai’s past.  From architecture to family meals, they document the big and small moments of the city's history.

The account was started in March of 2009 but did not start actively posting until March of 2023.

The owner of the account, who prefers to remain anonymous for now, is a self described history buff and became intrigued with Shanghai culture after taking a history course on the city 10 years ago. 

Since then, they have collected and posted hundreds of images from various books, newspapers, and magazines. 

When asked about what motivates them to disseminate these pictures online, they said it was: "Mainly to get more insights and new perspectives about the thousands of historical photos I’ve collected."

"Twitter always surprises me...The best thing is if someone asks me a question about an image I have no answer to, that will send me down a research rabbit hole for hours. It’s fun."

Read more about Shanghai by clicking the link below, and be sure to follow @VintageShanghai on Twitter.