Two-in-one Chinese Dry Pot Cups Go Viral in China

In a city as fast-paced as Shanghai, people constantly look for ways to streamline their meals. The most recent installment in this phenomenon has been the emergence of Chinese dry pot cups.

This snack and drink combo consists of a bowl filled with veggies and meat of your choice, seasoned with aromatic spices, and served on top of a refreshing fruit or bubble tea beverage.

Chinese dry pot, aka spicy and aromatic pot (麻辣香锅, mala xiangguo) in Mandarin, is a classic Sichuanese dish. It is similar(ish) to hot pot, but instead of a broth, it is cooked dry with a medley of spices.

The spicy and savory dish has become popular all around the country, as evidenced by the Shanghai chain store Jiao Guo Guo, which is responsible for the invention of these dry pot drinks.

Users have also taken to social media to create their own versions at home

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