This Shake Shack Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

Chengdu’s first ever Shake Shack goes above and beyond with its teahouse-inspired architecture, exclusive dishes, and limited-edition merchandise.

At the restaurant, you can even buy a 1,499 RMB (about 216 USD) mahjong set with green-and-white tiles emblazoned with the company’s logo.

Since Chengdu is known for spicy cuisine, the joint sells ‘Chengdu Chili Fries’ in collaboration with local restaurant Ma Wangzi.

They also serve sweet treats that can’t be found elsewhere: The ‘Be Pandastic!’ vanilla soy milkshake and two flavors — ‘Give Me the Tea’ and ‘Feeling So Bashi’— of ice cream.

The restaurant’s localization efforts are outstanding — the interior’s natural paneling and delicate wooden details are inspired by Chengdu's tea culture.

The Shake Shack was also originally surrounded by intricate scaffolding, an installation that required 2,760 pieces of bamboo and weighed 58 metric tons.

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