This New Holiland Bakery is Out of This World

Located in Shanghai’s glamorous Lujiazui area, Holiland’s newest branch looks more like a spacecraft than a bakery.

The eatery’s sweet treats are travel- and space-themed; think ‘Interstellar Aircraft’ pastries and ‘Sunset Secret’ chocolate cake.

The new products fall into three categories: ‘UFO Invasion,’ ‘Dreaming Around the World,’ and ‘The Power of Transformation.’

Holiland has been selling baked goods in China since 1992; it is now known for its inventive goods and creative collaborations.

Earlier this year, the brand launched limited-edition Harry Potter mooncakes in time for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Chinese netizens can’t wait for more ‘Holiland Travel’ stores – many Weibo users are asking for the bakery to open branches in their cities.

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