This Postal Services Company in China Has Opened a Bar

When was the last time you went to a post office to buy stamps or mail a package? The hard truth is that postal services are entirely irrelevant to many youths in China. However, China Post has found a new way to connect with youth culture: by opening ‘Instagrammable’ cafes.

In February this year, the corporation opened its first China Post Cafe in Xiamen, a coastal city in southern China.  The cafe has since become a chain, with branches in other major cities like Beijing and Shanghai

China Post Cafe’s contemporary interiors in green and yellow — the postal service company’s signature colors — make them great photo-op spots. Unsurprisingly, influencers have been frequenting the cafes in droves and sharing posts on social media.

The store carries classic coffee beverages such as americanos and lattes. However, those who like trying new things might be more tempted by specialty drinks like peanut butter-flavored lattes and iced taro paste lattes.

Last week, China Post Cafe opened in Fuzhou, a transportation hub in southern China. This time, however, the new cafe boasts a little something extra: After 7 PM, it turns into a sports bar.

Beers and other alcoholic beverages are served from 7 PM until midnight

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