The Best Chinese Dramas of 2023  (So Far)

1. The Long Season (漫长的季节)

A fast-paced, suspenseful drama about a taxi driver trying to solve a brutal murder that rocked his small town twenty years prior.

2. Three-Body (三体)

The show follows a nanomaterials expert who investiagtes a string of mysterious suicides connected to a video game, which ultimately reveals an existential threat to humanity.

3. Meet Yourself  (去有风的地方)

A woman distraught over the untimely death of her best friend, moves to a rural village where she falls in love with another big city transplant, played by Li Xian.

4. The Knockout (狂飙)

The 39-episode drama follows a two-decade power struggle between a policeman and the leader of a criminal gang in the fictional city of Jinghai.

5. An Ancient Love Song  (古相思曲)

The drama is about a historical fiction author who gets transported back to the past, though he discovers his subject, an empress named Lu Yuan, is nothing like the history books described her.

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