Head-turning Halloween Fits on Subtle Asian Traits

On October 28, viral Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits announced a Halloween costume contest for its 2-million-strong community. Here are some of our favorite submissions organized by category!

A means to assert and celebrate cultural identity, food is one of SAT’s costume contest categories.


“I dressed up as Sexy HaiDiLao Noodle Bender this year. I also went to the restaurant & challenged the real dancer.” — Tuni Nguyen

HaiDiLao  Noodle Bender

Eternally a fan favorite, dumplings feature heavily in this year’s costume lineup.


“I overestimated on the dough for such little filling; therefore, we have a very saggy dumpling.” — Jennifer Ma Cao

“Everything was made from scratch with the help of a dad who has over 30 years of sewing experience.” — Linda Kuan

Naturally, the Subtle Asian Traits community revealed a propensity for films that touch on Asian diasporas and themes.


“Featuring Jobu Tupaki, Jobu Tupaki, Jobu Tupaki and our mom as Evelyn Wang.” — Grace, Gabby & Gillian Lau

Everything Everywhere  All At Once

“I dressed up as the Everything Bagel version of Jobu Tupaki. So happy to have more representation on the big screen!” — Vivien WM Chan

“I got bored one day and put everything on a bagel. [...] Half the people on the street today just thought I was Elvis.” — Kayla Chen

“Happy Halloween from our ‘Turning Red’ fam!” — Mai Bender

Turning Red

Images via Mai Bender

“I reinterpreted the comedic little dragon into something you see more out of period-fantasy C-dramas […] Also, this wig was so heavy. Help me.” — Duy Truong

Disney’s Mulan (animation)

"Iykyk." — Terrence Lau #stephenchow #hongkongfilms

Kung Fu Hustle Landlady

Anything can be a costume if you put your mind to it. Return to RADII’s homepage to get inspired: click on the icon below.