Sleeper Hit Film Return to Dust Bites The Dust

A portrait of love in rural China, Return to Dust disappeared completely from Chinese streaming platforms on September 26.

The movie can no longer be found on sites such as Youku, iQIYI, and Tencent. The movie’s hashtag has also been removed from Weibo (see above screenshot).

First released in China on July 8, Return to Dust has made over 7 million USD in domestic box offices and received high praise in the European film festival circuit.

Directed by Li Ruijun, the film follows a couple who find love in an arranged marriage while building a life in rural Gansu province.

The movie’s central theme is class struggle. However, some reviewers have labeled it “cautious” with regard to how it addresses injustice.

It is unclear why the movie has been taken off streaming platforms.

Learn more about Return to Dust by clicking the link below.