The Rural Appeal of Shanghai’s Harmony Village

Harmony Village (和睦村), located on the outskirts of Shanghai, exemplifies rural tourism.

The bucolic spot is full of newly-refurbished farmhouses and riverside cafés, colorful murals, and a bookstore, opening soon.


It’s also famous for its vast fields of yellow rapeseed flowers (油菜花), which bloom for short, vivid periods each spring.

Garden plots are everywhere, too, as are pens for geese and chickens.

It’s the perfect destination for Shanghai residents looking to escape the bustle of city life — Harmony Village is less than an hours drive from downtown.

The town is leaning into the rise of rural tourism in China, using its agricultural roots to appeal to city dwellers and history fans, who can be seen walking around in hanfu, a type of traditional clothing.

However, it’s surrounded by high-rise construction, evidence that Harmony Village is not an entirely rural retreat.

It’s close enough, though, for people looking to jazz their social media up with some countryside flair.

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