Young People in China Are Going “Boat Camping”

Boat rides, once just the stuff of childhood memories, are making a comeback among young Chinese travelers searching for a relaxing outdoor experience that won't break the bank.

As glamping and other trending outdoor activities start to get pricey and competitive in China, a picnic on a park boat provides an affordable and laid-back alternative.

While these pedal boats may not be spacious or cutting-edge, the idea is clearly enticing, judging by the growing lines for boat rides in cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou.

The primary allure of park boat ‘camping’ is its affordability. For just 80 RMB per hour, less than $12, a group of four people can enjoy a leisurely boat ride.  Bring your own snacks and drinks, and you have your own floating picnic.

One of the additional advantages of a park boat ride is the natural backdrop and privacy it offers.  Unlike crowded tourist spots, this peaceful setting offers a perfect environment for taking pictures and enjoying the essence of the outdoors, while avoiding large crowds.

For young Chinese people who increasingly crave affordable outdoor experiences amidst a dismal work culture, boat rides seem to be just the thing.

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