KFC China Celebrates New Dish With Yet Another Cringe Music Video

In KFC China’s latest promotional video, hip hop dancer Xiao Jie can be seen busting out five dances in seemingly random succession.

But the thought behind the commercial is actually kinda deep: The dances are a tribute to the Five-Animal Exercises created by famous Chinese physician Hua Tuo thousands of years ago.

The commercial drew attention to KFC China’s new ‘golden congee.’ KFC released the dish in conjunction with the country’s Golden Week holiday in the first week of October.

Artist Xiao gained fame after winning a locking world championship in 2019 and competing in the third season of Street Dance of China in 2020.

KFC China has a history of endorsing artists to create cringey content for them. Last August, the fast food company approached rapper TangoZ to promote their xiaolongbao.

The song featured eye-rolling lyrics such as, “Go go go, the flour is elastic. Pinch pinch pinch, this pleated work of art.”

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