It’s Cosplay Season at Disneyland Shanghai

Cosplayers abound year-round at Disneyland Shanghai, but according to the social media site Xiaohongshu, it’s now officially cosplay season.

Searches for Disney cosplay (迪士尼乐园进入cos季) have been trending on Xiaohongshu, with millions of views.

The increase in cosplaying at the theme park can be primarily attributed to upcoming Halloween festivities.

Popular costumes include any of the dozen Disney princesses, except Mulan and Tiana, who rarely – if ever – appear.

Other common costumes include Maleficent, Woody, and Cruella de Vil.

Disneyland Shanghai is a popular domestic destination. Searches for ‘Disney’ on Baidu reached an all-time high towards the end of September, ahead of the week-long National Day holiday.

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