Illustrator  Linda Yi Offers Free Sichuan  Cooking Classes

Cute illustrations of animals (especially pandas) and Chinese food collide in artist Linda Yi’s webcomics, which she shares on Instagram and Twitter at @pandacubstories.

Why ‘panda cub’? The New York City-based artist has a soft spot for them as she was born in Chengdu, China, which is also home to the iconic black-and-white bear. 

While most of Yi’s comics are lighthearted, she also uses comedy as a powerful tool to address heavier topics.

The illustrator wields her mighty pen to call out racism against the AAPI community and spread awareness of living with ADHD.

More than anything, Panda Cub Stories is a platform for Yi to spread her love and knowledge of Sichuanese cuisine to the world.

Her illustrated recipe cards are super easy to follow, but if you prefer live instruction, sign up for one of her complimentary cooking classes online.

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