Chinese Youth are Obsessed with ID Photos

Most people cringe when they think about their driver’s license or yearbook photo and dread any day involving I.D. photos.

However, I.D. photos are often taken with greater care in China and approached more like a fashion shoot.

Professional photo studios in China, such as Naive Blue and Himomaster, take I.D. photo shoots seriously and offer additional services like hair styling, makeup, and photo retouching for a more polished final result.

However, Chinese youth are taking it a step further and replicating what they think to be American-style yearbook photo shoots.

Participants pose using lollipops, headphones, and other so-called symbols of Americana as props.

Another popular style of I.D. photos is the ‘Korean style,’ which is denoted through the use of a school uniform.

Chinese youth are not just obsessed with their own I.D. photos, though. Some fans will photoshop their favorite idols and actors into I.D. photos and carry the images around in their phone cases and wallets.

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