Check Out The Trendy Frozen Treats at Chinese Hot Pot Shops

Competition is fierce in a country with countless hot pot styles and restaurants, even for the world-famous Chengdu or Chongqing-style hot pot varieties with their spicy and numbing flavors.

To stand out from competitors, these trendy restaurants are looking beyond hot pot items, turning to photogenic frozen desserts.

Offered initially as a way to ease the burn of spicy broths, frozen desserts have become an essential part of the dining experience at many hot pot restaurants.

As the market gets increasingly competitive, these restaurants offer an ever-expanding array of cheaper and more diverse frozen desserts to satisfy their customers’ cravings and cameras.

Here we share three hot pot chains from Chongqing that have dominated the internet for their beautiful-looking desserts.

Zhu Guangyu 朱光玉

Frozen yogurt with cream and a whole mango on top

Lu Principal 卤校长

FREE frozen desserts coming in more than 10 different types

Nan Hot Pot 楠火锅

Eye-catching shaved ice towers!

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