Holiland x Barbie Collab Introduces Pink-tastic Pastry Delights

On March 30, Holiland once again impressed us with its latest collaboration with the iconic American doll company Barbie, offering a delectable range of treats for its ‘sweet girl’ customers.

The Chinese pastry brand announced three Barbie-themed pastries: Star Barbie, Sweetheart Barbie, and Barbie Party.

The Star Barbie is shaped like a star and features a cream-filled center, while the Sweetheart Barbie is a raspberry-flavored mini cake that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Barbie Party comes in two different cocktail cup styles and is a unique blend of sweet raspberry, fragrant rose, and creamy taro flavors.

The latter two are exclusively available in selected offline shops, while the first can be purchased through Holiland’s online shop and brick-and-mortar locations.

The campaign also offers stylish packaging, including two Barbie-themed handbags that are perfect for carrying your Holiland treats in style.

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