Sleep No More: Why Tired Chinese Youth are Going Punk to Tackle Their Sleep Problems

Getting enough shut-eye is a common issue for youth worldwide. In China, those in their 20s and 30s sleep the latest — and least — among all age groups.

It’s unacceptable to me to go to bed as soon as I get back home”  — M.J., a 26-year-old Shanghai-based software engineer

“In retaliation for the time I’m deprived of at work during the day, I put off my bedtime

PUnk Health

Some young people are adopting health hacks derived from traditional Chinese medicine to offset the effects of a lack of sleep. This trend is a part of the new ‘punk health’ lifestyle.

Even TCM pharmacies have begun tapping into the demand for sleep-related ‘punk health’ products, launching TCM-spiked coffee to keep you energized after not getting enough shut-eye.

The need to improve slumber has created a burgeoning “sleep economy” in China, believed to be worth 400 billion RMB (over 60 billion USD) in 2021.

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