Ching Shih:  The Pirate Queen Who Made Waves in Maritime History

A woman we would have loved to meet (or not, given her fearful reputation), China's most famous female pirate first made a living as a sex worker on a floating junk.  Little did she know, she would rule the seas 'schooner' or later (pun intended).

She met and wed the famed pirate Zheng Yi, who passed away just six years later, leaving his entire pirate confederation to his wife, who is said to have ruled in his stead with a  firm but fair hand. 

Ching Shih's pirate codes included the following: • Anyone who disobeys or attempts to usurp their ruler will be beheaded • Thieving from the common treasury and/or villagers who aid the pirates is a capital offense • 20% of any stolen booty belongs to the responsible pirate while 80% goes towards the treasury

The sagacious pirate's 'plunderful life' has been depicted in countless forms of popular media, from the silver screen to podcasts, and even one virtual reality experience. You might remember a version of her called Mistress Ching in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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