Dilraba  Dilmurat: China's Biggest Uyghur Star

Dilraba Dilmurat is one of the most popular actresses in China today. With over 63 million followers on Weibo, she's become a household name and one of the country's most-followed celebrities - but it wasn't always that way.

Dilraba got her start in entertainment when her father enrolled her in entrance exams for Xinjiang Art Middle School’s dance program. Dilraba didn't even know she was auditioning for the program, but earned admission and spent the next six years training intensively in dance.

Her breakout role was in 2017’s Eternal Love, a xianxia, or “immortal heroes” fantasy drama based on the book of the same name. In the years that followed, she became a mainstay in China’s entertainment industry.

Dilraba’s meteoric rise to fame in China can be attributed largely to her glamorous image. Perhaps more than her acting chops, it was her elegant and unique looks that first captured the public’s attention.

Dilraba has often been criticized for a perceived lack of acting talent. Many viewers have expressed frustration with her lack of range, and Chinese netizens have called her “just a pretty face,” -- nonetheless, Dilraba has become an onscreen staple.

As Dilraba expands her acting pursuits and business ventures, her star power shows no signs of fading. With popularity that’s hard to match, Dilraba has cemented herself as one of the country’s brightest young talents. Click 'See More' for the full story on Dilraba