McDonald’s Mahjong Set Sells Out in Seconds

On January 11 at 11 AM, McDonald’s China launched a limited edition mahjong set to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, which kicks off on January 22.

Only available to customers with McDonald's memberships, the mahjong set cost 688 RMB (about 100 USD) plus 88 membership points.  Despite the high price, all 2,000 kits sold out in seconds.

Inspired by cutout animation, the mahjong box features artwork of children hanging up lanterns.  Meanwhile, the tiles feature some of McDonald’s bestsellers, such as hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken, coffee, and ice cream.

Many Chinese citizens were excited by the fast food giant's product launch. However, the price quickly scared some off.

“May I get one for free since I’m a student?”  pleaded another.

“This is too expensive. I’m going to look for CNY gifts on KFC,” joked a Chinese netizen.

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