Chinese Youth’s Whimsical Artwork Draws Attention to Ocean Waste

Fu Junsheng, a 34-year-old artist, has been living on a small island in northern China for five years, during which time he has salvaged tons of trash and turned them into art sculptures.

You wouldn’t believe the kinds of things Fu finds along the coastline. From broken parts of mannequins... preloved stuffed animals...

...and moldy slippers.

Fu’s reason for documenting his collection of ocean waste is to raise awareness about ocean protection.

One of his favorite artworks, which features a black flipper, is called The Resting Grim Reaper(死神之憩) for its resemblance to the mythical figure of Death holding his scythe.

In November, Fu will participate in an exhibition organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature. Stay tuned for more details.

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