Chinese People Rent Mega Screen in NYC’s Time Square for Personal Use

New York City’s Times Square symbolizes fame and success to many. So when Chinese people found out that it only cost 40 USD to buy a 15-second video slot on one of Times Square’s largest billboards, they came up with creative ways to use it. 

Some have used the billboard to wish themselves happy birthday.

Others congratulated themselves on their various college acceptances.

Some have shown off their adorable pets.

Some have used the space to promote different aspects of Chinese culture.

Others have used the billboard to draw attention to the poor conditions experienced by the panda Ya Ya at the Memphis Zoo and to ask for her return to China. 

An artist from Sichuan province had their artwork featuring Hua Hua, a giant panda from Chengdu, displayed on a large screen. The news quickly went viral in China, with many people praising the artist’s talent and the adorable subject of the drawing.

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