This Dessert Shop Makes Curds With Chinese Sweet Fermented Rice

Founded in Shanghai in 2010, Bojoo Dessert is known for its unique curd offerings.

Known as the ‘Chinese Palace Milk Curd,’ their dessert is made with sweet fermented rice, or jiuniang in Mandarin, a traditional Chinese snack made with glutinous rice and Chinese wine yeast balls.

It is believed to be the same kind of dessert served to royals in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

With various ingredients such as fruits, grains, and nuts added on top, Bojoo’s offerings present fresh, creamy, fruity, and sometimes crispy textures.

Bojoo has recently become trendy among youths in China as Chinese-style creations are in fashion.

Now the shop has expanded to other cities, including Beijing and Haikou.

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