House of the Dragon, HBO’s Prequel to Game of Thrones, Sets Internet on Fire

On August 21, 2022, hordes of Game of Thrones fans tuned in to the first episode of House of the Dragon, a new HBO series that portrays the events leading to the downfall of House Targaryen.

So far, the show has been well-received in China. Comments on Chinese social media platforms Weibo and Douban range from the hilarious to the poignant.

House of the Dragon is just using GoT’s theme song.  Is this appropriate?  It’s not necessary to  save money.”

“The weighty sense of history, the familiar features, the tense rhythm, the sense of inescapable fate...  More than enough to keep me going.”

“[House of the Dragon] develops its plot with a feminist outlook… The cruelty towards women in the era is vividly depicted.”

“This cast has broken Western casting stereotypes… Roles are played by Asian and Black actors. I think it’s a great thing.”

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