Not Everyone is a Fan of Jewelry Brand Darry Ring’s Business Model

Until recently, Darry Ring, aka DR, has seen massive success with its signature campaign, whereby every customer can only purchase a ring once.

Founded in Shenzhen, the company keeps track of every customer’s national ID. Furthermore, every couple must sign and stamp their fingerprints on a ‘Love Certificate’ to ascertain their commitment.

Over 20 million customers have bought into the campaign, including actor and martial artist Wu Jing, who gifted his wife a Darry Ring at their wedding in 2014.

But not every romance has a happy ending, and some customers have recently complained about this. Shady services to erase Darry Ring records have emerged online — it costs 800 RMB (112 USD) to get a clean slate, apparently!

DR’s net profit has dropped over 30% in the past year alone. Some netizens have even joked that you can gift DR to only one woman, but you can buy Tiffany, Harry Winston, and Cartier for many more.

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