Chinese Dancer Liu Qingyi Wins World’s Top Breaking Competition

First Chinese B-girl to win a world breakdance championship

On August 7, 16-year-old Chinese dancer Liu Qingyi won the global breaking tournament ‘Outbreak Europe’ in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. 

The event was held from August 4 to 7, with more than 600 dancers from 30 countries competing.

Liu secured a position in the women’s 1vs1 match out of 124 peers. She defeated some of the world’s top female breakers — Italian dancer Anti, German competitor Jilou, and Dutch veteran India — to claim the top spot.

Hailing from Central China’s Henan province, Liu first spotted street dancing in her hometown. She’s been practicing breakdancing ever since, and her parents support her interest.

In the men’s tournament, Chinese dancer Shang Xiaoyu also made a breakthrough by making it to the final four.

The sport has recently found a new wave of fans in China thanks to variety shows like Street Dance of China and pop idols such as Jackson Wang and Wang Yibo.  Click ‘See More’ below for more of RADII’s coverage of street dance in China.