China’s Overpriced Ice Cream Problem

Bad news for China residents looking to beat the summer heat with a frozen dairy treat: In tandem with China’s current heat wave is absurdly steep price hikes on ice cream.

Chicecream is a domestic premium brand that is being roasted by netizens for its high price point — three to four times more expensive than most ice cream in China.

‘ice cream assassin’

Netizens use the term ‘ice cream assassin’ to describe ice cream that entices buyers with its premium packaging only to metaphorically ‘kill’ consumers’ wallets at the check-out counter.

But why are Chinese consumers — many of whom genuinely love luxury items — offended by overpriced ice cream?

In short, many Chinese consumers aren’t buying into the idea of luxury domestic ice cream but are okay with high-priced international brands.

Meanwhile, consumers often compare premium brands to the reasonably-priced ice cream treats they grew up eating.

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