China’s Best Vegan Restaurant: Fu He Hui 

The eatery recently landed on the World’s Top 100 Restaurants list and was the only entry from the Chinese mainland.

Located in Shanghai’s charming former French Concession, the restaurant exudes zen serenity. 

Instead of trying to reproduce the taste and texture of meat, Fu He Hui brings out the flavors of vegetables, mushrooms, and legumes in its creative dishes.

The Michelin-starred vegan restaurant only serves set menus with locally sourced ingredients and traditional recipes. 

One of the restaurant’s most represented ingredients is fungi. These morchelle, a genus of edible sac fungi, are impressively shaped after the karst landscape in Southwest China’s Guilin.

The tea pairing set is also a hallmark of the eatery, and its extensive tea selection brings extra zen to the whole dining experience.

Together with Hong Kong’s The Chairman, Fu He Hui is one of the laureates of the World’s 100 Best Restaurants 2022, awarded by The World’s 50 Best Organization.