An Rong Xu Celebrates  Asian-American Identity Through Photography

Raised in the heart of New York City’s Chinatown, An Rong Xu, also known as @anrizzy on Instagram, is a photographer and director dedicated to documenting the experience of Asian and Asian Americans.

In particular, his series titled “My Americans” is a love letter to the various facets of Chinese American identity and life.


Traveling through the United States, Xu photographed Chinese Americans across his native New York, as well as Texas and Arizona.

In an interview with NPR, Xu said he grew up ashamed of his culture because there was no one like him in mainstream media. To make sure future generations don't feel the same way, he picked up a camera and began documenting the community around him.

Besides "My Americans," Xu has also done several other photo series for major publications.  These series include "BBoys of Seoul" for The New York Times and "Tibetan Basketball" for The Atlantic, which shine a light on other Asian communities. 

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