Brew-tifully Sustainable: 6 Creative To-Go Cups in Shanghai

Manner, a Chinese coffee chain established in 2015 in Shanghai, is known for its affordability: A latte usually costs around 20 RMB (around 3 USD). On top of that, you can get 5 RMB off if you bring your own cup as part of their sustainability program, and people have been creative about their choice of container.

Coffee for the morning and wine for the evening. Make your drinking routine more sustainable by using the same glass. 


Wine Glass

Don’t let your lunch box sit there after you finish eating! Bring it to a Manner location and enjoy a cup of afternoon coffee.


Food Container

There are more convenient ways to drink coffee than this, but at least the rice cooker will keep it warm. 


Rice cooker

(Not the streaming service — the Chinese ‘hulu’ costs way less.) In ancient China, calabash was commonly used as a container for water and wine. Now people are using it for coffee. Talk about transcending boundaries, right?


Calabash  (葫芦, Hulu)


Clay Pot

Chinese food delivery can be a bit extra when it comes to packaging. Sometimes when you order claypot rice for take-out, they’ll also deliver the pot to you. Instead of letting it go to waste, clean it, and you’ll have a perfectly durable new coffee mug.

Don’t waste your used Laoganma or pickle jars, as sauce containers can be decent coffee receptacles. And frankly speaking, sauce jars are among the most functional of the coffee ‘cups’ featured on this list.


Sauce Jar

For people who are lactose intolerant, coconut milk is a great substitute to have in their coffee. Now, some young people in China are taking ‘coconut with coffee’ to a whole new level by drinking it directly from a coconut.



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