As Winter Power Shortages Loom, China Offers Alternatives To Keep Europeans Warm


Europe is facing an energy crisis with record-high gas prices and low supplies due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As a result, European governments and residents have tried to save energy and find alternatives such as buying hot water bottles, turtleneck jumpers, and heating equipment from China.

The following slides introduce some more creative winter gear popular in China.

Heating screen

Plug it in and wait for a few minutes; the heating screen will offer you, or your evil cat, a warm retreat.

Heating Shoes

Have cold feet? This pair of footwear is designed to heat your feet without using electricity. Change batteries when needed and enjoy the warmth from beneath.

Feet warmer

If that’s not enough, this fluffy feet-warming equipment shall keep your toes toasty!

Comforter warmer

Too cold to get into your bed? Try this machine to warm your sheets! It can also help dry shoes, remove dust mites, and serves as a dehumidifier.

fur pants

These pants are not for fashion but can genuinely warm up your bottom within seconds.

heating stove

This famous heating equipment comes from Hunan province in South China. The barbecue-looking stove allegedly heats up within three seconds and can be used to warm your feet and clothes.

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