5 Wuhan-Related Conversation Starters


The city in Central China is more than just the epicenter of the global Covid-19 pandemic

Though it has made international news as the origin of the coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan is famous for many things: Political dissent, punk music, sports personalities, opera, and some very delicious food.

Wuhan is the site of the Wuchang Uprising (October 10, 1911), the first blow in the Xinhai Revolution that toppled the Qing Dynasty and ended China’s thousands of years of dynastic rule.

The Beginning of the End of the Qing Dynasty


While there is some disagreement about this one (Beijing? Wuhan?), it’s not hard to sell for Wuhan, given the city’s history of rebellion.

The “First” Chinese Punk Music


Most of the punks in Wuhan came from a working-class background, unlike the more “middle-class” upbringing of Beijing punks [...] They were not afraid to steal their food, beer or their musical instruments in order to survive.

Wuhan native Li Na is the first Asian woman to win a Grand Slam singles title, single-handedly swinging tennis into China’s mainstream and causing a general racket.

Tennis Great  Li Na


Wuhan’s Han opera style blended with Hui opera to give birth to Peking opera. So next time you see a Peking opera reference in a movie or music video, you have Wuhan to thank.

“The Mother of Peking Opera”


Some Hot, Dry Noodles


One thing known across China about Wuhan is its signature dish: rè gānmiàn (热干面), or ‘hot dry noodles.’ Spicy, elastic, and covered with sesame sauce, this breakfast item has become an all-day favorite.

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