Witty Chinese Slang: Romance Edition

While not everyone enjoys basking in the glow of romantic or platonic love, most of us can appreciate witty internet slang about romance and dating.

Get ready to be inspired, amused, and maybe even a little bit envious as we introduce you to some creative terms that paint a picture of modern love and heartbreak in China!

Love Brain Smitten individuals whose brains have been clouded by a thing called ‘love.’ Their every thought and action revolves around their romantic relationship and their partner.

Cemented Heart To hypothetically seal off one’s heart and to put up one’s defenses after experiencing heartache.

Invisible Availability To give off the general impression that you’re unattainable — what with your attractive appearance, stylish clothing, and charm — but the truth is, you’re extremely single.

Forever Alone Peony Wordplay on ‘Chinese peony’ or mudan hua (牡丹花) to refer to those who have never been in a romantic relationship; to add salt to the wound, such personalities are also financially burdened by monthly debit card bills.

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