Virtual Influencer Ruby 9100M Is Pushing the Boundaries of Reality

Ruby 9100M – otherwise known as Ruby Gloom – is the online, “transhuman” avatar and brainchild of Hong Kong-born digital artist Ruby Chan.

Transhumanism blurs the line between man and machine; the cyborg-esque Ruby 9100M embodies futuristic possibilities for fashion and art within this realm.The unique nature of digital avatars allow for immense creativity and personal expression, which appeals to many creators.

Chan-as-Ruby 9100M has worked with major brands like Bulgari, Nike, Adidas, Fendi, and Vivienne Westwood. She has also created a series of images for musician Grimes’ digital alter ego, WarNymph.

Ruby is known for elaborate compositions that unify themes of cyber-futurism, identity, nature, and technology in the everyday.

She has said, “I would really want to take virtual beings into the art industry… It would be fascinating to see virtual beings becoming interactive and responsive not only [by] being expressed or portrayed by their creators.”

These virtual beings are gradually becoming common on social media and in brand campaigns, as brands adapt to an increasingly digital world.

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