Types of Men on the Chinese Internet

Cuffing season is approaching… so check out these categories of men that Chinese netizens have come up with.

Dog Boyfriend An outgoing, sporty, honest, and energetic man. (Think golden retriever!)

Cat Boyfriend The opposite of a ‘Dog Boyfriend’ – aloof, quiet, smart, and introverted.

Bossy President A young, wealthy businessman who is handsome, arrogant, and indifferent to mostly everyone except you. Pretty much Jamie Dornan from 50 Shades of Gray, and someone who typically only exists in web fiction.

Central AC Guy Not a boyfriend, but someone who cares for/dates multiple people at the same time, blowing air on everyone nearby like an AC unit.

Shrimp Boyfriend Much like the American term ‘butterface,’ this derogatory descriptor is used for male celebrities who have excellent bodies but are not good-looking – like “shrimps with inedible heads.” (Yikes!)

Greasy Man A self-explanatory term for glib and generally slimy middle-aged (and younger) men.

Aquaman A playboy that has lots of casual sex; named ‘Aquaman’ because of the superhero’s close connections with other marine creatures. But maybe Aquaman has another meaning too… 💦

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