Young Chinese Mom Turns Daily Meals Into Art

The following items you are about to see are not artwork or toys but dishes created by a young stay-at-home mom in China.

Lena is neither an artist nor a professional chef, but attempts to add color to her life by documenting her son’s meals.

Pictures of her creations on the Chinese lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu have inspired awe for their attention to detail and adorableness.

The art enthusiast, who frequents art galleries, sometimes pays tribute to artists she admires, from French impressionist Claude Monet... Dutch modernist Piet Mondrian

...and even American pop icon Andy Warhol.

Lena also has child-friendly creations like this work of edible art inspired by Pixar’s animated film Up (2009).

Some netizens have called Lena a “genius,” whereas some judgmental folks have criticized her for caring more about looks than flavors.

However, what matters most to Lena is enjoying the process of making art with food and spending time with her son, who sometimes lends her a hand.

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