This Chinese Train Cabin is Made for Studying

Students taking the slow train in Chongqing in southwestern China can now make the most of their travel time by studying in a dedicated cabin.

This daily train covers 17 stops from Chongqing to Xiushan, a county southeast of the city. A large number of the train’s passengers are school children.

The ‘Study Cabin is furnished with wooden desks and benches, storage cabinets, and motivational quotes. The one below reads,  We are young schoolmates in our prime.”

Many netizens believe the space is useful for students to get a head start on their homework after school. 

“This is a good thing. The train speed is slow and the journey is long, so it makes sense to study there,” said a user on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

However, some netizens joked that the students would be distracted by the scenery outside the cabin windows.

Chongqing has the  sixth-highest rail transit passenger traffic in China.  2021 clocked almost  2 billion individual trips.

This means that hundreds of thousands of young Chinese people could make use of the study cabin.

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