The Street of Harmony in George Town, Penang

Malaysia in Southeast Asia is home to a large Chinese diaspora that makes up 22.9% of the total population. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the northwestern state of Penang, where 42% of the citizens are Chinese.

Most Chinese Penangites, who have ancestors from China’s Fujian province, are fiercely proud of their roots.  However, they have also assimilated to their surroundings by way of cuisine and language, and live in peace with Penang’s other races.

Located in George Town city, a former British settlement and major tourist site in Penang, Pitt Street or Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling is symbolic of Malaysia’s multicultural makeup.

Named after British statesman William Pitt the Younger, Pitt Street is more popularly known as the ‘Street of Harmony.’  After all, where else will you find four places of worship for different religions on the same stretch?

William Pitt in 1783; portrait by George Romney

Goddess of Mercy Temple (Taoism)

Sri Mahamariamman Temple (Hinduism)

Kapitan Keling Mosque (Islam)

St. George's Church (Christianity)

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