The Real-Life City Behind Popular Chinese Drama The Knockout


The city of Jiangmen in Guangdong has gone viral online for its similarity to the fictional setting of this year’s most popular Chinese drama (so far), The Knockout.

The Knockout (狂飙) is a crime drama that follows a beleaguered policeman’s attempt to bring down a criminal gang. It takes place in the fictional Jinghai, a southern port city with rustic charm.

Guangdong’s city of Jiangmen is a close real-life parallel to Jinghai, with its river port and open markets. Jiangmen has a unique history: As one of China’s first treaty ports, the sea-facing Jiangmen has been open to western trade since 1904.

Some 400 million overseas Chinese recognize Jiangmen as their ancestral homeland. In the early 20th century, many returned home, bringing with them new economic investments, influences  and ideas.

It’s a fascinating comparison to the beloved setting of The Knockout.

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