Tesla x HeyTea Campaign Asks,  ‘What if Cherries  Were Cars?’

On January 30, Tesla and Chinese beverage chain HeyTea announced a Chinese New Year collaboration to concurrently promote the former’s ownership perks and the latter’s cherry tea  drinks.

The entire campaign is a play on the Mandarin word for ‘car’ or chē (车), which is one component in chē lí zǐ (车厘子) or ‘cherry.’

The campaign features swanky shots of ice-cold HeyTea drinks inside Teslas, and uses the following tagline:  ‘Find joy in your new work year with fresh cherries’  (Though by ‘cherries,’ they clearly mean ‘cars.’)

The special edition drinks include two flavors of tea: cherry mulberry and cherry strawberry, both of which are selling for 19 RMB (about 2.82 USD).

The cherry drinks are nowhere near new, though. 2023 marks the fifth year that HeyTea has been offering these popular Chinese New Year-themed beverages.

As part of the collab, Tesla owners in the Chinese mainland get a 50% discount on the aforementioned drinks (if they care enough about saving money on their tea splurges).

Furthermore, anyone who purchases the seasonal HeyTea drinks will stand a chance to drive a Tesla around for a week or a month (20 winners) or receive branded merchandise.

This joint campaign coincides with the release of Tesla’s latest over-the-air upgrade, a wireless feature that supposedly makes for a more intelligent vehicle.

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