Oreos Inspired by ‘The Three-Body Problem’ Come With Telescope Toy

Bet you didn’t know: Oreo has been around longer than your grandparents (since 1912).  Nevertheless, the American brand of sandwich cookies stays in touch with trends, thus appealing to Millennials and Gen Zers.

The cookie company’s newest limited edition treats are inspired by iconic Chinese writer Liu Cixin’s sci-fi novel The Three-Body Problem.

The exclusive cookies are embossed with symbols and shapes from the novel, such as a fictional Chinese national defense project and an alien civilization.

Arguably more exciting than the cookies, a crazy contraption resembling a telescope has been rolled out in tandem with the campaign.

As far as we can tell, the toy is a brain teaser of sorts.

To unlock its potential, users must twist the telescope to align words and phrases from the novel in the correct order.

Placing an Oreo into a slot causes the gadget to project images onto any given surface.

Scores of livestreamers — including one bizarrely dressed up as a... sheep? — have done such a successful job of marketing Oreo’s new campaign that the limited edition toy has sold out on the Chinese ecommerce platform Taobao.

Other limited edition goodies rolled out by Oreo in the past include: - Pink and green Oreos in collaboration with musician Lady Gaga - Half-and-half creations with American cracker brand Ritz - Red and white cookies with American clothing brand Supreme

Click the icon below to learn more about The Three-Body Problem, one of China’s bestselling works of sci-fi literature.