New Talk Show Features Four Sharp-Tongued Female Hosts

What Sisters Say, a new Chinese talk show with four female hosts known for being outspoken and asking tough questions, is set to air on November 3.

The announcement has received millions of views on Chinese social media. Most netizens were eager to see the chemistry between the four hosts: Yang Li, Fu Shouer, Yi Lijing, and Yang Tianzhen.

Yang Li, one of the most polarizing figures on Chinese social media, rose to fame after competing in the Chinese comedy TV show Rock and Roast in 2020.

For some, Yang is an icon who uses humor to unpack gender issues in China. For others, she is a sexist who disrespects men.

She’s most known for her ‘man-hating’ punchline “men can be so average yet so confident.”

Also rising to fame in 2020, author Fu Shouer took the lead in the debate show I Can I BB. Fu is particularly good at adding witty jokes to her debate speeches and is unafraid of getting into hot water. 

Yi Lijing has been a journalist for two decades. She recently came to the spotlight because of her calm and critical interviews with celebrities.

Yang Tianzhen started as a publicist for actress Fan Bingbing and then created her own celebrity management company in 2014. Yang is known for her ‘girl boss’ image and for promoting body positivity.

“Will any male celebrities dare to go on this show?” wondered many netizens.

Others cheered, Sounds exciting! I’m so looking forward to seeing these four women together.”

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