New Chinese Buzzwords: December 2022 Edition

Stay relevant by brushing up your knowledge of these new phrases that have been trending on the Chinese internet. Youth are especially likely to drop these buzzwords mid-conversation.

Crawling Workout A new type of exercise is trending in China: crawling on the ground. Head to any public park to see Chinese elders, who love fitness, carrying out the full-body workout, which supposedly targets every muscle group. Young people have also adopted the workout, but prefer to do so in the confines of their homes.

Dream City: Hegang Located just a three-hour drive from the China-Russia border, the city of Hegang has recently become a viral sensation. More specifically, it has become a dream destination for youth who covet its cheap real estate.

Cardboard Pets Bored from constant lockdowns, many college students in China have adopted a new hobby: Creating and caring for cardboard pets. They even ‘walk,’ ‘feed,’ and ‘leash’ their pets. Several students have opted for more quirky pets, like cockroaches, crabs, and dinosaurs.

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