New Chinese Buzzword  ‘Let It Rot’ Takes ‘Lying Flat’ to New Heights

The ‘lying flat’ generation has decided to stop caring altogether and to simply ‘let it rot’

In this involuted era triggered by China’s intense ‘996’ work culture, new slang terms are being coined to capture young people’s sense of doom and despondency. The latest to join the Chinese lexicon is ‘let it rot’ (bailan 摆烂).


Bǎi làn

Let it rot’ means to let things that are already beyond repair deteriorate Some suspect that the word originated from NBA fan circles and was used to describe teams that intentionally tank games or lose on purpose.

The term ‘let it rot’ is similar to ‘lying flat’ but conveys a new degree of cynicism, reflecting an increased sense of uncertainty in today’s China.

Meanwhile, all we can do is take a nice, long nap or continue doomscrolling on our mobile phones. Choose option two by clicking the icon below: