Discover the Otherworldly, Near-psychedelic Art of James Jean

We all loved the widely acclaimed poster for Everything Everywhere All at Once. But do you know who is behind this masterpiece?

Born in Taiwan and raised in New Jersey, James Jean is a Taiwanese American artist based in Los Angeles. He is known for his colorful and mystical paintings.

Jean initially worked as an illustrator for DC Comics and Marvel Comics and won several awards for his work at the iconic publishers.

Eventually, he pivoted to pursue a career in fine art. Since then, the artist has done several major projects for brands like Prada and artists like BTS.

Jean has stated that he feels like an outsider in both America and Asia and has wondered if he would always simply “be an observer” in any world he enters. Perhaps that feeling is what gives his work such an otherworldly touch.

Jean explores his Asian American identity by combining elements of Western and Eastern art, drawing from Chinese scroll paintings, Japanese woodblock prints, and renaissance paintings. Jean’s first exhibition in the Chinese mainland is at the Modern Art Museum of Shanghai until February 26, 2023.

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