Hong Kong’s Beloved Biu Kee Mahjong is Forced to Close

Iconic Hong Kong mahjong shop Biu Kee Mahjong was forced to close this October.

Their Jordan Road location was identified as an unauthorized work space because it was located at the bottom of a staircase. The building it occupied is also set to be demolished.

Many are sad to see the institution go; the company has been making hand-carved mahjong tiles for over half a century, and it has been passed down through three generations.

Current owner Cheung Shun King is one of three remaining mahjong tile carvers left in Hong Kong. Uncle King, as the owner is affectionately known, says he wishes to continue the traditional art of making hand-carved tiles, despite the loss of the shop.

Mahjong is a tile-based game that was developed in China in the 1800s. The art of hand carving mahjong tiles is so unique that it’s been named one of Hong Kong’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritages.’

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