HeyTea’s Collab With Empresses in the Palace Is All the Rage in China

On October 24, Chinese milk tea brand HeyTea launched two themed drinks to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the historical drama Empresses in the Palace.

The Chinese series Empresses in the Palace (2011), adapted from the namesake web novel by Liu Lianzi, tells the story of a young woman’s transformation from an innocent girl to a cruel empress.  Netflix acquired the show in 2015 and produced six 90-minute episodes.

Aside from the two drinks, HeyTea also introduced themed stickers and trinkets.

The collaboration has gone viral on the Chinese internet as both IPs boast millions of followers in the country.

“HeyTea, you know how to win our hearts,” praised a customer on Weibo.

HeyTea is the best when it comes to crossovers,” another cheered.

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